Rohan woke up late next morning. He was sleeping naked, and when got up remained naked. When he saw, Asha was not sleeping beside him, he wondered. He freshened up and went to check on her. When he couldn't find her, he went to check her in kitchen. There she was, making tea for them. She was wearing a her white robe, underneath was her bare skin. When Rohan saw her, he went behind her and hugged her. Rohan- Good morning, My lady! Asha- Good morning, dear. Rohan kissed Asha on her cheek and on neck. Asha asked, "Wait Rohan, I am making tea! Or you cannot wait?" Rohan laughed Rohan- I dont want tea today! Rohan gave a naughty smile. Asha- So what do you want? Rohan- Let me think... Umm, I want milk today. Asha- Oh really? I thought you don't like milk! Rohan- Yes, but I like the milk woman! Asha laughed naughtily. Asha- You are so naughty, Rohan. Rohan took down her robe. He kissed and bit on Asha's neck. It was a romantic moment. Asha got goose bumps. Rohan slid his hands from over her